These three course are the first levels of RUAH School of Prophecy. There are more mini-course and resources that will continually be made available to help resource you in growing in modern and biblical prophetic ministry.

Join Course 1!

Level 1:

Information - Demonstration - Activation

Get a sound biblical understanding of prophetic ministry; receive prophetic ministry and be activated so that you too can prophesy.

Groups meet weekly for a month so that trainers can equip you in prophetic ministry.

Enrollment in this course gets you access to: 1 hour of live teaching from Matthew Helland,  5+ hours of online video teaching with more than 21 prophetic activations & exercises, level 1 manual  + a copy of the book Prophesy: Just Do It!  + a certificate of completion when all levels have been completed.

Our next Level 1 course will begin in May 4th 2022!

Course costs £50

Level 2:

Get a solid biblical foundation regarding why and how we should share the gospel as Jesus and his Apostles did: with power. 

Course content includes subjects such as:  Why Power Evangelism; Understanding God's Emotions; Our Motivation for Evangelism; The Process of Evangelism; Intimacy & Authority; Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit and Praying in Tongues; How to Get Words of Knowledge and Wisdom; How to Heal the Sick; How to Cast Out Demons; How to Intentionally Grow in Power Evangelism; & more. 

Students get one hour of live teaching from Matthew Helland + Access to more than 5 hours of online video teaching with exercises + Level 2 manual + Four weeks of monthly group training + a certificate at the end of level 3 and a copy of Matthew Helland's book Power Evangelism: Just Do It!

level 1 completed for access to level 2!

Our next level begins June 9th 2022!

Course costs £55

Level 3:

"When there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams." Num. 12:6

This course will help equip you to interpret dreams and visions.

More than forty percent of the Bible is made up of prophetic dreams and visions. Many of the biblical meanings of these symbols are unknown to the average believer. Learning how to interpret dreams and visions is an essential aspect of contemporary prophetic ministry. This course is based on Jolande Bijl's book Understanding Your Dreams and Vision with over a thousand possible meanings of symbols from every day life based on scripture.

course open to all!

certificate when all levels completed!

Our next level 3 begins March17th 2022!

Course costs £55

If you are in the UK and would like to be a part of one of our courses then please send an e-mail to