Matthew and Femke Helland

The Netherlands

Matthew and Femke Helland have been in Amsterdam since 2005. They started the first church, New Life West, in their living room. Currently they are leading Iglesia Vida Nueva as well as helping out Spanish speaking individuals who work in the sex industry. Matthew is the Founder and International Director of RUAH.

Lem and Tobey Turner


Lem was born in Zimbabwe, Africa, and graduated from Union University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministry and Business Management. He was ordained in 2009 with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Lem has been married to his wonderful wife Tobey for 12 years and they have 4 kids. He loves seeing those who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior get to know Him for the first time. He has a heart to speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves and to see more people come to a loving, life-giving relationship with the Lord.

Richard Stals


Richard Stals is a passionate, life-long disciple of Jesus Christ.  Coming to faith at 10 years old and entering the ministry at 15, Richard has served in bi-vocational ministry in Perth Western Australia for almost 30 years.  He wholeheartedly believes that the Gospel message is the hope of this world and that the local Church is vital to God’s work and will.  A gifted prophetic minister, he loves to see people have authentic, life-changing encounters with a good God. 


Tricia Hughes


Tricia is married to Glenn and has three grown up children Owen, Cerys and David. Tricia has been ministering for over fifteen years. She's worked with Marilyn Harry, an Evangelist from Wales for the last ten years, and Aglow International. She is passionate about Prayer and pursuing the Presence of God. 
She loves to help others realise who they are in Christ to help others to fulfill the call of God on their lives. She moves in the gift of healing and loves teaching others to move in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Claire Ley


Claire has three children called Kaled, Chloe and Louise and two grandchildren called Destyine and Valentina. Claire attends Compassion Church Bridgend and have incredible Pastors who are also the Directors of RUAH UK, Pastor Lem and Tobey Turner. Claire has been a trainer for RUAH Prophecy School since October 2020 where she has seen people grow in their walk with God. As a trainer, Claire loves seeing people delivered, set free and set on fire for God. She has also witnessed people having little confidence in the gift of prophecy being trained up as Prophets in the Kingdom and activating others in the gift of prophecy. She highly recommends RUAH Prophecy School to anyone because it is an incredible spirit filled Bible based school. It will set people on fire for God and place people in their destinies that God has for them whilst changing the world around them.